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and I am a licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist,
living and working in Los Angeles, CA.


The study of acupuncture and herbal medicine was something I came to later in life. My first love was painting – oil painting, very traditional portraiture. But I was not cut out for the business side of the fine art world, so for 18 years I worked as a graphic designer as a way to support myself and to pay for my painting studios while living in Brooklyn, NY.


As time went on it became clear to me that being a "Sunday painter" wasn't sustainable long term. I desired something that brought me closer to my heart so that when my free time came I didn't feel like I needed to peel back fifty layers of some insane stress onion to find myself again. I knew I wanted to work with people, I wanted to be of service, I wanted to work with plants, and I wanted a profession where age was not looked down upon but celebrated. I had also been lifelong obsessed with esoteric everything and was thankfully introduced to meditation at the age of 20, which profoundly changed my life. So when I finally had the means to make a change, the study of acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine checked all my boxes.


Painting used to be what kept me sane. I needed it like a body needs water. But now that I am living closer to my heart in a more relaxed life
in sunny Los Angeles, I don't NEED painting like I used to. These days being in the clinic utilizes my favorite parts of myself...which is not a level of fulfillment I got from my previous work environments.


So now, I get my creative kicks by using my first-life skill set making
these designs, reflecting the theory of the medicine that I have come
to love so much. Chinese medicine is ripe with metaphor, symbolism and poetry, which makes it a natural subject for creativity.


Ultimately, I make the prints that I want to have in my clinic. I will be launching new designs periodically, so if you like what you see check back for updates! You can also follow me on Instagram @holismprints.


Thank you for time and your interest. And if you make a purchase,
I hope you like the prints! 

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