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The Art of Practicing Chinese Medicine

This is a 12" x 12" print reflecting the tongue diagnosis map, an ancient diagnostic tool that has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine.


The tongue is the only muscle in the body visible to the naked eye. In Chinese medicine we use the tongue to look for clues indicating "excesses" and "deficiencies" inside the body, by making note of the tongue color, tongue shape, thickness and quality of the tongue coat, color of the tongue coat and movement of the tongue. The map shown in this diagram shows how the various organ systems (as categorized in Chinese medical theory) are mapped out on the tongue. This map can give clues as to which organ systems are out of balance for that individual, based on where irregularities are noted in that persons actual tongue. For example, a tongue with a red tip indicates heat in the heart, so for our treatment strategy we would consider cooling the heart to bring the patient back into balance.


and is a very old, very traditional aspect of the medicine used daily by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture and herbal medicine).


This print is album cover size (12" x 12").


Museum quality inkjet print on archival 300gsm weight unbleached cotton paper.


Protected by tissue paper and rolled into a poster tube. Sustainable packing materials are used as much as possible.


**Frame optional - frame is a 12” teak wood magnetic poster frame. Some variation may occur in wood grain.



Tongue Diagnosis Map

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