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This is a 13” x 19” print depicting illustrations on traditional Chinese pulse diagnosis, as originally illustrated by Zhang Shixian for the Jiao Zheng Tu Zhu Mai Jue during the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644 CE). The clinical definitions of pulse qualities were taken from the 4th Edition of the H.B. Kim Handbook. 


Here is a list of the pulse qualities that are featured:
Top to bottom starting with column on far left:

  • First column: slow, hidden, soggy, weak
  • Second column: faint, sunken, moderate, rough
  • Third column: wiry, tight, surging, thready
  • Fourth column: floating, scallion stalk, slippery, excess


The size is 13" wide x 19" high.


Museum quality inkjet print on archival 300gsm weight unbleached cotton paper.


Protected by tissue paper and rolled into a poster tube. Sustainable packing materials are used as much as possible.


**Frame optional - frame is a 13” teak wood magnetic poster frame. Some variation may occur in wood grain.

Pulse Diagnosis (navy blue)