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The Art of Practicing Chinese Medicine

12” x 18” print showing the historical evolution of the Taiji Yin Yang symbol as we know it today. 


In traditional Chinese medicine, yin yang theory is a cornerstone concept. They symbolize the opposing forces existing in nature that are mutually dependent (yin can not exist without yang), mutually engendering (yang creates yin and yin creates yang), mutually transforming (yang turns into yin and yin turns into yang) and that are infinitely divisible (all yang can be divided into yin & yang, and all yin can be divided into yin and yang, to infinity). 


The stages reflected here are from top right clockwise: 

  • The empty circle reflects “Wuji”, stillness, the “beginning”
  • The circular bands of yin and yang represent the energy of opposing forces
  • The yin yang swirl with an empty center represent the energy of motion surrounding stillness
  • The traditional yin yang symbol as we know it today reflects the yin and yang energy in perfect harmony. The yang section has a bit of yin, and the yin section has a bit of yang, in perfect balance.


**Frame optional - frame is a 12” teak wood magnetic poster frame. Some variation may occur in wood grain.

Taiji Supreme Ultimate

  • This print is 12" wide x 18" high

    Silver and black foil stamping on Neenah Environment Wrought Iron 80# cover. 

    Frame is optional for an additional $15 cost. The print (and frame) will arrive wrapped in tissue paper and rolled into a mailing tube.

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